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“It’s not the number of times that you fall down or appear to fail that matter most,
it’s the number of times that you get right back up again that define your trajectory in life…”

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October 7, 2023

Renewing Through the Season of Life: Welcome to Fall 2023

MLC of Greater Atlanta (MLCOGA) - Dr. David

by David A. Wright, MD, MM, MBA, MHSA (Dr. David)

In this article, courtesy of Dr. David, host of the Fresh Start with Dr. David Podcast, and owner of MLC Of Greater Atlanta, we explore strategies for renewing energy, motivation, drive, purpose, passion, optimism, balance, equilibrium, and resilience through the season of Fall, as Fall is the season of Harvest.

What is the Fall Season really about?

The Fall is all about harvest.  Harvest is the process of collecting the fruits of your labors from the seeds that you planted during the Spring and cultivated through the Summer.  Fall is the time for starting thing as well, which is why many educational institutions began their year in September.  Fall is also the time of the year when Yom Kippur occurs, which is the season of “Atonement” for Jews, when individuals atone for what they’ve done wrong and renew their commitments for improvement, growth, evolution, and maturity in the future.

Since fall is the season associated with atonement, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, goals, and objectives since the Spring and to revise and renew them based upon the feedback that you’ve received during the Spring and Summer.

Fall is a Time to reflect on your Health & Lifestyle Habits

Psychological, Emotional (Mental), and Physical well-being go involve much more that avoiding or overcoming illnesses and afflictions. They should promote growth and thriving in all aspects and multiple dimensions of living.  Adopting a healthier lifestyle through physical activities, sporting events, dietary changes, and meditation practices can help you to avoid illnesses associated with the fall (like COVID19, RSV, and Influenza) and help you prevent getting them in the first place.  The fall is a great time to renew your commitments to good, regular health and wellness habits such as taking a high-quality multivitamin and taking the proper supplements daily.

Regularly taking a high-quality multivitamin and taking high quality supplements will make committing to positive lifestyle changes, losing weight, and changing the chapter easier and more doable.   They will also help you to  better manage chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, and Cardiovascular Diseases.  If you’re ready to get off of the couch and start exercising again, improve eating habits, commit to regular meal prepping, and lose some weight, then schedule an appointment at Atlanta Health & Wellness Coaching, a practice dedicated to helping you reach you health and wellness goals through small, doable steps and changes.

The fall season is also a great time to become more educated, knowledgeable, and informed about the science and research behind healthy dietary and nutritional practices, using books like The Nutrient Diet, the first diet, nutrition, and weight loss book to take a 2-pronged (50% Nutritional, 50% Psychological) approach to nutrition, diet, weight loss, and lifestyle management.  The Nutrient Diet was inspired by the courage and confidence by which Oprah Winfrey took on obesity during the 80s and 90s on the Oprah Winfrey Show ®–taking away the stigma and shame associated with obesity and body image.

The Nutrient Diet encompasses principles from “Ketogenic Approaches”, taken from research data and clinical findings by Dr. Christopher Palmer, the Harvard Expert on the ketogenic diet. Dr. Palmer has used the “Ketogenic Diet” in his practice for decades, and has incorporated many of these principles in his new book, Brain Energy.

In The Nutrient Diet: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Diet, Impulse Control, Habit Formation, Eating Behaviors & Weight Management, Dr. David offers a completely new, bold, intelligent, modern, psychological approach to diet, health, wellness and weight loss and weight management habits.

The fall is an opportune time to try out new eating habits and dietary choices.  It’s a great time to try eating foods that you might not typically consume, such as more exotic plants and fruits from the DeKalb Farmer’s Market to different varieties of fish than can also be found at places like the DeKalb Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Kroger.

Try Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Scheduling a Hypnotherapy session specifically aimed at helping you harvest the fruits of your labor and activate the power of fall can also be beneficial.  Specifically, harnessing the energy and power of the fall can help you in gaining insight into the strategies that failed to work in the past and using the season to explore new options, choices, and possibilities that you may not have seized in the past.  A Hypnotherapy session could be aimed at helping you see outside of the box and create opportunities that have yet to be presented to you. 

Contrastingly, life coaching sessions will provide you with structured, strategic, organized and forward-focused approaches, giving you the small doable and actionable steps needed to set and achieve meaningful goals, both personally and professionally. In particular, life coaching sessions with Dr. David will show you the blind spots that you are likely missing either personally or professionally that are likely the reasons why you are not achieving the results that you desire in one endeavor or another.  

Whether it’s your business or professional goals or your personal objectives, receiving objective coaching and advice can be the missing piece to your transformation to higher degrees of success. To find out more, schedule an appointment with Dr. David at Atlanta Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates

Establish a Network of Collaborators & Energetic Partners

Busy, complicated living can allow you to not even noticed that you’ve lost touch with collaborators and partners who have similar goals and objectives to yours. 

As shared in my book, Tomato Bisque for the Brain, collaborating with, partnering with, and learning from others is one of the best ways to grow both personally and professionally.  But collaborating and partnering, you magnify the effects while dividing the labor.  It’s a win-win for all parties.

Reaching out and connecting with others with similar goals, ambitions, objectives, and desires can help you build a robust support system that you can continue to draw upon in the future. It can also help you have a ready list of supporters that you can receive help and advice from in the future.  In particular, you can use platforms like Alignable, LinkedIn, and Meetups to create collaborations and partnerships.

Give Yourself a Fresh Start

The fall is a season of Fresh Starts.  The falling and/or shedding of the leaves is a reminder that the old skin needs to be shed and a new skin needs to emerge to the surface.  The fall gives you an opportunity to start anew and to start freshly and with a renewed sense of purpose, passion, drive, motivation, momentum, and enthusiasm.

You can also obtain a Fresh Start by Subscribing to the Fresh Start with Dr. David Podcast, which is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Amazon Alexa, Audible, and all other major Podcast Platforms!

Use the fall season to being a new activity or find a new source of inspiration.  Use the fall to cease doing things that aren’t a part of your overall plans.  That might include things like reducing the amount of time that you dedicate to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok.  It may mean disconnecting from them for a short period of time or even altogether.  

The fall, like Yom Kippur, is an opportunity, to reflect on the past and make changes based upon the foundation that you want to reestablish.  The fall is a time to take an inventory of what’s been working and what’s been ineffective, and to make concerted changes based upon improving what’s working and letting go of what isn’t working.  A “Self-Inventory” Approach, explained by concepts like ROI (Return On Investment), whereby you make decisions based upon data results instead of feelings and emotions, tends to lead to greater degrees of success.

Taking in some fresh ideas and concepts can help you renew your drive, motivation, and momentum.  In particular, reading or listening to self-improvement books like Tomato Bisque for the Brain or Sweet Potato Pie for the Spirit, Soul & Psyche can provide your with new options and perspectives on ways to achieve your goals, while diet, nutrition, and lifestyle books like The Nutrient Diet can help you change the narrative on how you think, feel, and act each day.  Even if you don’t enjoy reading physical books, listen to the Audible versions while you work during the day, commute, or as you fall asleep at night.  In particular, Sweet Potato Pie for the Spirit, Soul, & Psyche has a terrific chapter on how to reset and repair your sleep habits easily, naturally, and holistically without addictive medications or dangerous side effects.  The last thoughts that you have before falling asleep and the first thoughts that you have when you awake in the morning have a profound effect on how your days go and how successful you are each week.

Practice Daily Meditations

When facing today’s chronic life challenges, it’s quite natural to focus on what’s not working or what’s gone wrong in the past. But, by adding daily meditative, motivational, and affirmational practices to your routine, you can change the paradigm on how your days go; and the results that you have at the end of the season. Acknowledging the strategies and behaviors that aren’t working while focusing on creating new ones that do work is the key to flipping the script on the results that you get in life, both personally and professionally.

Meditating daily and engaging in a habit of morning positive affirmations and daily motivational quotation, which are pillars of Dr. David’s practices, MLC Of Greater Atlanta, and Atlanta Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates, are sure and time-tested ways of changing the paradigm of how you experience life and your ongoing sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.  Meditating and Affirming on what you desire to achieve on a daily basis will help you maintain your momentum during challenging and uncertain times marked by obstacles, trials, and tribulations.

Dr. David’s podcast, Fresh Start with Dr. David, also provides you with daily practices, wisdom, and insights about how to enrich your life and achieve greater degrees of fulfilment and success.  In particular, Dr. David has guests like Johannes of Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Gym and Dr. Parker Hayes, an acclaimed ER Physician, Men’s Wellness Advocate, and Longevity Expert, and the creator of the Lasting Impact Wellness Group, and the Lasting Impact Wellness Podcast, to provide his audience with a host of holistic perspectives and expertise.

Consider investing in yourself and your own business

Many people either realize or fail to realize that they are burned out and exhausted by their regular daily, weekly, or annual routines.  Many people just remain in a state of denial.  However, being in a constant state of Frustration, Exhaustion, or Burnout is unsustainable.  You just can’t do it long term.  And, eventually, your body and your brain will let you know by signs and symptoms that I express during the podcast episode called “Listen to Your Body.  It’s not lying to you.”  That episode of the Fresh Start with Dr. David podcast reminds you of the signs that your body will give you to alert you that things are not okay.  Of course, it’s up to you to choose whether or not to listen to them.  However, in the long run, if you fail to support your body, then eventually it too will fail to support you.

One way of flipping the script on burnout and exhaustion, especially if you career, employer, boss, or vacation are the source, is to start your own small business or to start a consulting firms on the side.  Starting your own business can be another source of renewal of your purpose, passion, and motivation.  It can also allow you to get back to the things that you really enjoy doing in life (vs. the things that you have to do just to satisfy your employer).  

Keep in mind that if you work for a company that remains in business, you generate a certain amount of revenue for the company each month and then the company gives you back only a percentage of what you’ve generated (or saved).  So, if you make $100,000 per year working for someone else, chances are they either generate or save $150,000 to $200,000 per year because of your labor.  Therefore, you’re handing your employer $50,000 to $100,000 (50% to 100%) of the fruits of your labor each and every year that you could be investing in your own retirement were you self-employed.  Think about that multiplied times 10, 20, 30, or 40 years.

You can get your entrepreneurship, small business, or startup on the right footing by scheduling an appointment at the Atlanta Small Business Incubator, a small business activator, incubator, and initiator that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs start their operations with a firm business foundation and a solid, strategic business plan.  Without these, most businesses fail within the first 24 to 48 months.

Fall is a great time to become an entrepreneur.  Many businesses fail during the summer time, and many consumers consider new sources for their needs during the fall, when school starts back for their children.  The fall is an excellent time to start your side hustle, small business, consulting firm, start up, or company.

Use the fall to reassess the worth and value of your labor.

Be Open & Willing to Grow and Invest in Yourself

One of the best ways that you can renew your sense of mindfulness, insight, and success is to create new plans and strategies that are more likely to work.  Start your growth journey by starting a life coaching or wellness program at MLC Of Greater Atlanta, Atlanta Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates, Atlanta Health & Wellness Coaching, and the Atlanta Small Business Incubator.  Your willingness to be open, ask for help, and to gather alternative perspectives are the key differences between those who succeed and those who fail, both personally and professionally.

If you don’t have the resources to begin life coaching, therapy, counseling, or some other type of coaching, then invest in a program to help keep you from sinking or falling back

Dr. David, Atlanta’s Top Life Coach, with over 100+ client reviews and testimonials, has just created LIFE ADVICE 360 ™, the most affordable life coaching, life advice, and self-improvement service available (with plans starting at just $25 per month)!

LIFE ADVICE 360 ™ is a convenient way for you to get help navigating weekly and monthly challenges if you have had to take a break from regular life coaching or therapy sessions due to financial reasons or because of other factors that limit your ability to be actively engaged in a comprehensive life coaching, mental health, self-improvement, or wellness program.
LIFE ADVICE 360 ™ gives you sound, wisdom-backed, experience-based, professional advice from Dr. David quickly, easily, and affordably at any time.
LIFE ADVICE 360 ™ gives you weekly/monthly life coaching emails, recommendations, and motivational support.
LIFE ADVICE 360 ™ gives you Goal-Centered, Self-improvement Subliminal and Paraliminal Audio Programs.
LIFE ADVICE 360 ™ gives you advice for general life issues, health and wellness issues, family and relationship issues, mental health issues, career and workplace issues, life direction issues, and academic and studying related issues within 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending upon the complexity of the question.

Whether it’s LIFE ADVICE 360 ™ or some other type of self-improvement or mindfulness program (like Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, etc.), invest money, time, and resources in your own future success, growth, evolution, and development.

GROW (Personally & Professionally) into the person you’re meant to be and to invest in your own improvement, self-development, purpose, and success.  If you don’t make an investment in yourself and your future trajectory, then you shouldn’t expect to grow, mature, or evolve.  If you desire GROWTH & IMPROVEMENT, then check out Dr. David’s FREE Facebook Groups, GROW, Fresh Start with Dr. David, or New Balance with Dr. David.  Daily motivational quotes, positive self-affirmations, and regular inspirational phrases help you GROW.

You have a choice in LIFE:  GROW, STAGNATE, or DECLINE.  

Use the Fall to Shed your weakness and Grow your strengths…

Become the creator your own trajectory this fall.

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October 7, 2023


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