About Dr. David

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Dr. David Wright is Atlanta’s Top Provider of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

  • Dr. David Wright is one of only 2 medical doctors in Atlanta who provide a holistic, naturopathic & psychoanalytic approach to Mental Health
  • Dr. David has an almost 100% Success Rate in helping his clients move past and successfully manage depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders and personality disorders without addictive pharmaceutical drugs or medications riddled with side effects like weight gain, lethargy or fogginess.
  • Dr. David is also the author of 2 brand new self-improvement books, “Tomato Bisque for the Brain” and “Sweet Potato Bisque for the Brain“, and his first Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Book, “The Nutrient Diet
  • Dr. David was also recently featured in The Atlantan Magazine and he will also be featured in the Fall 2021 Edition of Modern Luxury Medicine + Doctors Magazine

Dr. David believes that the Best Method of helping clients to achieve their goals is by gaining access to the Subconscious [Unconscious] Mind.



    • It is there that the answers to lasting change reside. If working with the Conscious Mind (which is what most modern talk therapies employ) were the Best Method of Achieving Change, then more people would already be living the lives they’ve consistently desired. Right?
    • The primary reason WHY most individuals in traditional talk therapy haven’t achieved lasting change is that they’ve tried to achieve change by treating the symptoms on the surface while allowing the deeper, real dilemmas to fester, grow, flourish and thrive.
    • Dr. David is Atlanta’s Top Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy provider.
    • Dr. David is also Atlanta’s Best Alternative, Holistic Mental Health Services Provider
    • Dr. David’s specialties are Life Direction, ADHD, Anxiety, Worry, Racing Thoughts, Trauma, PTSD, Repeating Destructive Cycles, Emotional Ruts, Relationship Issues, Grief, Bereavement, Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD; AKA “Winter Depression).
    • Dr. David is an expert in the areas of “Change Management”, “Personal & Professional Development” and “Performance Improvement.”
    • Dr. David has helped hundreds of clients overcome life challenges and reset their life’s trajectory.

Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Board Certified NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] Practitioner, Board Certified NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] Mental Health Coach, & an embracer of Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic Techniques and Methodologies.

Dr. David achieved his MD (Doctorate of Medicine) in July of 2010, graduating Suma Cum Laude [4.0 GPA] from Xavier University School of Medicine.

  • Dr. David’s primary emphases in medical school were forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry (addiction medicine), and neurology.
  • While attending medical school, Dr. David concurrently completed 3 Masters degrees back to back: an MBA (3.85 GPA), an MM (3.85 GPA), and an MHSA (3.65 GPA).
  • After completing his MD and all 3 Masters degrees, Dr. David continued his educational pursuits by completing a Certificate in Strategic Management in 2012 and a Certificate in Human Resources Management in 2013, and a Certificate in Corporate Marketing in 2015.
  • Simultaneously, in 2012, Dr. David completed every research training program offered to physicians by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including GCP (Good Clinical Practices), PHRP (Protection of Human Research Participants), and CRT (Clinical Research Training) Certifications.
  • After graduating from medical school in 2010, Dr. David became a Forensic Psychiatric Consultant for one of the largest psychiatric practices in Atlanta, PACT Atlanta LLC.

Finally, in 2016, Dr. David completed his formal training in those disciplines and opened his first practice, MLC Of Greater Atlanta, in Decatur, Georgia, across the street from Emory DeKalb Medical Center.



  • Instead of pursing a residency in psychiatry, Dr. David chose to study and train in disciplines that were more in line with the techniques used by the Father and Uncle of Psychiatry, Dr. Sigmund Freud (The Father of Psychiatry) and Dr. Milton Erickson (The Uncle of Psychiatry), respectively.
  • Specifically, Dr. David chose an approach to health and holistic mental health in which the first step doesn’t involve just handing a patient a pill.