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MLC of Greater Atlanta is a boutique abundance, empowerment, mind setting & prosperity practice that specializes in helping individuals who wish to create abundance, positive mindsets, increased fulfillment, enhanced empowerment, & progressive levels of prosperity within their lives.

  • MLC of Greater Atlanta is Atlanta’s Top Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Provider 
  • MLC of Greater Atlanta is also Atlanta’s Best Alternative, Holistic Mental Health Services Provider
  • MLC of Greater Atlanta is Atlanta’s Top provider of holistic mental health services to address depression, anxiety, worry, insomnia (sleep problems), self confidence, self esteem, ADHD, concentration, focus, attention, life direction, weight loss, nutrition, diet, weight management, health and wellness.
  • MLC of Greater Atlanta provides its clients with the mental muscles, tools, resources and skills to overcome life and holistic mental health challenges so that they don’t haven’t to solely rely upon prescription pills and often addictive medications that can be associated with unwanted side effects.

Many mental health providers, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, and coaches are not prepared, equipped, or trained to help their clients and patients through significant life, emotional, psychological and mental health challenges successfully and for the long term because they fail to get to the root causes of their client’s presenting symptoms and complaints. If you fail to get to the root cause of a presenting symptom or problem, then the symptom or problem will simply remanifest in the say way or manifest in a different way. Problems and Issues don’t go away by simply addressing the symptom.

    • They may mean well, but they are not prepared to provide long-term, permanent, long-lasting solutions.
    • When it comes to your mind, body & spirit, don’t settle for temporary band aids & short-term fixes!
    • When it comes to your mind, body & spirit, don’t settle for temporary band aids & short-term fixes!
    • Choose today to make a conscious choice to do it the right way!
    • At MLC Of Greater Atlanta, we help individuals, couples, groups, and organizations reach their life, occupational, personal, and professional goals by providing them with proven strategies that help deliver the right results in the right way.


MLC Of Greater Atlanta is suited for anyone [regardless of mental health status] who desires to change their outcomes, results, & returns.

MLC Of Greater Atlanta will help you create a diamond life !

    • MLC Of Greater Atlanta incorporates a highly holistic, naturopathic, “whole person” approach.
    • MLC Of Greater Atlanta embraces a creative assortment of cognitive, behavioral, Meditative, Hypnotic (including Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy), Holistic, Naturopathic, Psychoanalytic & integrative methods to empower our clients to become the greatest versions of themselves.
    • MLC Of Greater Atlanta uses non-traditional strategies and innovative techniques (including Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy) to help each client become fully accountable & individually responsible for who they are and what they achieve in life.
    • MLC Of Greater Atlanta is also an augmentative holistic mental health & cognitive coaching practice that helps adolescents, young adults, and adults to cope with cognitive dilemmas, emotional challenges, and psychological stressors in holistic and healthy ways.


MLC Of Greater Atlanta begins with the basics, because everything crumbles to the ground without a strong, sound, solid foundation.

So, WHAT makes MLC Of Greater Atlanta Unique, Different, Elite & Exclusive?


Expertise, training and skill sets based on a decade of consultation work in forensic psychiatry, addiction medicine & neurology from a board certified practitioner

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