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“It’s not the number of times that you fall down or appear to fail that matter most,
it’s the number of times that you get right back up again that define your trajectory in life…”

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Changing the World, ONE Client at a Time…

  • Are there areas in your life that you’d like to improve upon?
  • Do you desire to improve on a long-term basis, in a relatively short amount of time?
  • Do you truly wish to positively improve your personal or professional life?
  • Would you like to move to the next level of performance?
  • Are you sick and tired or spending years in therapy with few to no results?
  • Are you tired of watching others achieve their dreams and ambitions while you seem to remain stagnant within the status quo?

So, WHY Should you contact MLC Of Greater Atlanta?

  • You have problems with focus, attention, & or concentration?
  • You have sleep & or wake issues?
  • You are dissatisfied with your job, career, or profession?
  • You desire to change your diet, weight, or overall health?
  • You don’t feel like you are reaching your academic or career potential?
  • You feel dissatisfied with your life circumstances, you feel depressed, or you’re stuck?
  • You feel a lack of direction, purpose, or pathway?
  • You struggle with what should be “easy” decisions & choices?
  • You find yourself constantly making the same mistakes over and over again?
  • You desire to increase your performance, achievement, and outcomes in life?
  • You suffer from a medical or health condition that your present providers have not adequately addressed to your satisfaction?
  • You suffer from anxiety, mood fluctuations, depression, or problems focusing?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you should contact MLC Of Greater Atlanta.


We specialize in helping individuals, couples, groups and organizations find Solutions to their problems, dilemmas, and challenges.

Our Practices

Let us help you to help yourself move forward, move on, and move ahead in the right direction.

  • Many mental health providers, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, and coaches are not prepared, equipped, or trained to help their clients and patients through significant life, emotional, psychological and mental health challenges successfully and for the long term because they fail to get to the root causes of their client’s presenting symptoms and complaints. If you fail to get to the root cause of a presenting symptom or problem, then the symptom or problem will simply remanifest in the say way or manifest in a different way. Problems and Issues don’t go away by simply addressing the symptom.
  • Instead, they simply focus on the presenting symptoms.
  • They may mean well, but they are not prepared to provide lasting, sustainable, long-term solutions.

So, What Makes MLC Of Greater Atlanta Unique, Different, Elite & Exclusive?

MLC Of Greater Atlanta is suited for anyone [regardless of holistic mental health status] who desires to change their outcomes, results, & returns in life.


We incorporate a highly holistic, naturopathic, “whole person” approach.

    • MLC Of Greater Atlanta embraces a creative assortment of cognitive, behavioral, meditative, hypnotic (including Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy), holistic, naturopathic & integrative methods to empower our clients to become the greatest versions of themselves.
    • MLC Of Greater Atlanta uses non-traditional strategies and innovative techniques (including Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy) to help each client become fully accountable & individually responsible for who they are and what they achieve.


MLC Of Greater Atlanta is also an alternative, augmentative, adjunctive & ancillary holistic mental health & cognitive coaching practice that helps adolescents, young adults, and adults to cope with cognitive dilemmas, emotional challenges, and psychological stressors in holistic and healthy ways.

At MLC Of Greater Atlanta, we help individuals, couples, groups and organizations reach their life, occupational, personal and professional goals by providing them with proven strategies that help deliver the right results in the right way.

Call or Email Us TODAY to Schedule Your Initial Consultation or to Refer an Employee, Co-Worker, Friend, Relative or Loved One to us!

The initial phone consultation is absolutely 100% free of charge!

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