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“It’s not the number of times that you fall down or appear to fail that matter most,
it’s the number of times that you get right back up again that define your trajectory in life…”

Our Practices
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Other Practices

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Coaching Session

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In my Humble Opinion, Coaching Clients is Probably the Most Important thing that I do.

  • Why is coaching essential to your self-improvement, self-development, abundance, empowerment & prosperity?
  • Coaching is essential because if you are not empowered to make the emotional, psychological, cognitive & behavioral changes that are required to begin delivering the results & outcomes that you desire to receive from your daily actions & behaviors, then the therapy being provide to you is being delivered to you in vain.
  • The vast majority of therapists, counselors and other holistic mental health professionals only enable their clients to voice & communicate their surface symptoms.
  • They usually fail to identify and address the underlying issues that have led to those symptoms on the surface.

At MLC Of Greater Atlanta, we actively enable & challenge our clients

  • At MLC Of Greater Atlanta, we actively enable & challenge our clients to identify the symptoms, uncover the underlying foundational root causes of those symptoms, and we teach, mentor & demonstrate the behavioral & cognitive strategies that are needed in order to correct the behaviors and thoughts that lead to ineffective thinking patterns and behaviors.
  • And, we use “other than conscious” techniques [i.e., Hypnotherapy, NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming], Time Line Therapy, Regression Analysis, Defense Mechanism Analysis] to help relieve the underlying past experiences, traumas, feelings and resulting thoughts that are leading to the symptoms on the surface.

Does that Make Sense to you?

Our Practices

In order to fully HEAL & RESOLVE Cognitive, Behavioral, Psychological, Emotional and Other PATTERNS associated with Problems, Challenges, Dilemmas and Symptoms you have to do three ESSENTIAL Things

  • Identify & accept the symptoms & ineffective thoughts & behaviors.
  • Identify & accept the underlying root causes.
  • Provide the tools, resources and coaching required to resolve the overlying symptoms and the underlying root causes of those symptoms.

    While we all have the ability to solve problems, few of us possess the expertise, training and objectivity need to resolve the underlying root causes of those problems.

COACHING from a well-trained, experienced professional who understands how the brain works and how to find solutions to mental, psychological, emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues is ESSENTIAL to living a life of Abundance, Empowerment and Prosperity.

  • If you’re ready to start rebuilding your life on a solid, firm mental foundation, then coaching is exactly what you need!
  • Call or email us today to start receiving  coaching that is specifically designed & tailor made for you!