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“It’s not the number of times that you fall down or appear to fail that matter most,
it’s the number of times that you get right back up again that define your trajectory in life…”

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review counter diamond 1 Client Reviews & Testimonials from BirdeyeGoogleAlignable, SquareKareoFacebookYelp and!

Client Testimonials & Online Reviews

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powered by Birdeye
review counter diamond 1 Client Reviews & Testimonials from BirdeyeGoogleAlignable, SquareKareoFacebookYelp and!
review counter diamond 1 Client Reviews & Testimonials from BirdeyeGoogleAlignable, SquareKareoFacebookYelp and!

Our Practices

Dr. David has been great in getting me started on my road to recovery and
better mental health!

Shawn T.


Very energetic and committed. He will help you a lot!

Maria J.


Antierre L.


David is an incredible doctor who truly cares about his patients and is willing to go above and beyond for them. Highly highly recommend.

Eden G.


The best therapist hands down. Dr. David is transforming my life.

Sydnee H.


Kami K.


"Seriously, He knows what he's doing, and he is accommodating. He puts a lot into helping you to become a better version of yourself."

Ade A.


Extraordinary insight and practical solutions. I am very excited about the future with Dr. Wright's help and guidance

Perry B.


5-STAR Rating (Google)

Jaquoia R.


5-STAR Rating (Google)

Johanna R.


Excellent service! Dr. Wright truly cares and is passionate about helping the community and families with achieving mental stability and empowerment!

Generational Academy


5-STAR Rating (Google)

Sunny S.


Dr. Wright is extremely knowledgeable. He makes the instruction relatable and easy to understand. I also enjoy the outside work he assigns as well because it challenges me to apply the work I learn in session.

Steven B.


When I say Dr Wright is the truth!!!!!! Every session I leave with clarity, positively, motivation and hope. He has helped me in business , life and relationships. I am so thankful for the work he is doing and has done for me!!! Thank you Dr Wright!

Jasmin O.


Very knowledgeable professional who cares

Anease B.


I’ve really enjoyed the sessions with Dr. Wright. He makes everything relatable and easy to understand. If you’re ready to put in the work for yourself, here’s a great place to start.

Steven B.


I have been going to Dr. Wright for over a year now and my life have reached a great level then I could ever imagine. When I start I was at a very bad part of my life but now I would say 100% I’m on the top on the world . Thank you so much for saving my life.

Melat T.


5-STAR Rating (HEAL)



Fantastic experience! I really enjoy working with Dr. Wright, I’m very optimistic my life will change in so many positive ways.

Pep J.


5-STAR Rating (Google)

Robert W.


Becoming a client of Dr David Wright was one of the best decisions I’ve made. He has given me the tools to become the best version of myself and I am eternally grateful.

Nyree P.


Dr. Wright is a great guy. Never met a therapist who cared so much for his clients. If you have depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, or any mental health issues and genuinely want to make a change, David Wright is the man for you. Thanks David!

James F.


Dr. Wright does a great job of putting things in perspective. He helps find the root cause of the problems you're facing and works with you to develop solutions to resolve them. I am definitely seeing positive results from the work we are putting in.

Jeff G.


Dr. Wright is very compassionate, competent, caring and thorough. He has a unique holistic, integrative and analytical approach to reaching the root causes of problems. Dr. Wright has unique insights into common mental health issues like ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Addiction and life issues like Life Purpose, Life Direction, Procrastination, and a Negative Attitude because of a decade of experience as a consultant in Forensic Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, which he shares in his self-improvement books and his diet and nutrition book. When you couple his experience working as a consultant in psychiatry, his education and training as an MD, and his belief in a holistic, naturopathic, functional, integrative and analytical approach aimed at addressing the root causes of presenting symptoms prior to the use of medications, you truly get a world class experience that will bring about long lasting and comprehensive solutions to common and unique life and mental health problems. I would highly recommend him!

Sona X.


Dr. Wright works with me to get to the root issues that cause my depression and anxiety. The techniques he uses are helpful. He is a good listener. I highly recommend him.

Debra T.


I’ve been seeing Dr.Wright for awhile now and I can only say great things he’s kind, understanding, and gives you real advice with solutions. If your serious about moving forward in life, healing, and taking control of your future I highly recommend his services.

Imoni W.


Dr. David Wright helped me prioritize what is important in my life so I could get organized and accomplish my goals. He listens and responds. I like the supplements he recommends because they give me energy. I am glad I found him.

Debra T.


I am so thankful and grateful I found Dr. David Wright. For the past 7 years, I have been just going through the motions. Lost in life not knowing what I needed to do and buried in debt because I kept trying so many things. I could never see the future because I was just trying to make it through the day. After seeing Dr. Wright for my consultation I was able to identify my issues and form a plan to better envision my life my future and start to put things in place. Highly recommend his services.

Jasmin O.


Dr. Wright is very concerned with the well-being of others which always includes mind, body, and soul! Helping others is his passion and I encourage him to keep up the wonderful work! Go see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!!

Laura S.


Dr. David is a pleasure to work with and very motivated about my case. He is inspiring me to complete my goals and challenging me to work hard. He has tangible ideas and methods for helping me to apply myself to my short and long term goals!

Gina W.


Today's experience had me look at my life differently and how I want to tackle my goals for this year.

Wendy P.


Very thorough and detailed.

Tara N.


Dr. Wright is truly one of a kind. I highly recommend his holistic mental health services because he is doing something so different from the standard psychiatry/psychology found anywhere else. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a great author. Two thumbs up!

John C.


5-STAR Rating (Google)

Michael A.


5-STAR Rating (Square)

Melat T.


What an awesome experience! Dr. David Wright is so personable and he truly cares about his patients. He instills confidence and hope, which is crucial in treating mental health. Dr. Wright recommended a specific course of treatment for me which is changing my life and I can never thank him enough.
Debra G.


5-STAR Rating (Google)

Wendy P.


My sessions are amazing! I am experiencing shifts in my thinking and actions. Dr. David has helped me map out key strategies to achieving my goals. I highly recommend him.

Phoenix S.


Great experience. This doctor is very attentive and patient. I just love him.

Donelle C.


5-STAR Rating (Square)

Melat T.


Environment, Other, Wait time, Customer service, Quality. Dr. Wright's methodology simply flows effortlessly the work gets done and I'm very happy with the work we are doing.

Brian L.


5-STAR Rating (Square)

Melat T.


Dr. Wright has been a perfect connection for me and my quest for personal and professional growth. His process promotes positive thinking that give way to positive actions and desire for improvements. Good decision on my behalf.

Brian F.



Yosea R.


Dr. Wright's office was very responsive in assessing my needs and answering my questions about the services provided and the process. Dr. Wright was attentive to my questions and made setting up my appointment and securing my consultation a breeze.



Normally I would prefer an in-person appointment, but because of COVID I had to make adjustments. Dr. Wright was accommodating and able to meet my unique requirements. Would definitely recommend to others.

Freida K.


Dr. Wright’s passion is contagious, the individualized techniques that Dr. David Wright uses to help his clients have transformed my life. Dr. David Wright has been instrumental in opening my eyes to my purpose and the power of the universe. I am more confident in myself. I have a newfound confidence in my communicative skills which has enhanced the way that I work and interact with others. Meeting Dr. Wright and being able to work with him has been a gift. He made an immediate impact on my life, allowing me to be empowered in my visons for the future. I now see endless opportunities of success, happiness & abundance in my life.

Tracie P.


Dr. Wright, I Thank you for your partnership with the Houston TX mental wellness community. You have a wonderful gift of simplifying the complex challenges of life.

Richard R.



Mj D.


Dr. Wright has changed my life. He has given me the tools I need to live my life in a positive and productive manner. Hypnotherapy has helped me lose weight and think about food differently, I am overcoming PTSD with Dr. Wright.

Jim B.


I’ve had two session with Dr. David Wright and I’m so optimistic! Dr. Wright is very informative, and compassionate about his client’s. I feel really good about my future. I’m looking forward to what come’s next. It’s all up to me.?

Linda W.


5-STAR Rating

Dan M.


Positive feedback: Quality & Customer service - I can do payments that will hold my spot and work with my personal life while having bills to pay. (Square)

Wendy P.


I don’t normally choose a “doctor” from a google search, but when I do it is Dr. Wright. I have just started my coaching with him and I am very optimistic. I am amazed at the time Dr. Wright takes to address my needs individually. Dr. Wright doesn’t lump all folks into one category. I even received an email over the weekend saying Dr. Wright had been thinking about me and adjusted my “homework” according to his thoughts. Pretty incredible.

Laurie I.


From the moment I had placed a call to MLC of Greater Atlanta, I was greeted by a warm and welcoming voice by Dr. David Wright. Dr. Wright was very attentive to what I was saying, he actually took the time to speak with me and listen to my concerns, which was very impressive. It was very easy to book and schedule an appointment very quickly. My experience with this company has been wonderful and I am so grateful for meeting Dr. Wright.

Alena Q.


In my honest opinion Dr. Wright shows a clear dedication to his work and an unfettered empathy toward the patients in his care. Dr. David Wright has clear understanding of cognitive, behavioral therapies and there implementation in both theory and practice. Dr. David Wright is unquestionably professional in his manner and demeanor. And therefore, I do not hesitate in giving my highest recommendations for the full range of services Dr. Wright offers. I respectfully suggest you take my advice and if required avail yourself of them forthwith. Adam Spector, MBCS, MIfL, ACIEA, Cert Ed.

Adam S.


Dr. David Wright is Amazing, amazing, amazing. If you want a doctor who actually listens and gets to the root of the issue, search no longer. I Highly suggest Dr. Wright.

Marta B.


Dr. Wright is Caring and compassionate. Reach your goals here!!

Mark F.


Dr. Wright is great to work with. Dr. David Wright is very passionate about what he does and it is very obvious that he truly wants to help people. Dr. Wright takes time to customize each session to give his clients the treatment that he feels will be of the most benefit to them. I would highly recommend Dr. Wright to others.



Dr. David Wright's work is inspiring. Please help support the wonderful important work he is doing.

Lawrence P.


Keep Doing Positive Things!

Marion B.


5-STAR Rating

Joseph P.


Dr. Wright is the real deal! He truly cares about you as an individual- he listens and then together you choose a regime that fits your specific needs. Dr. Wright's warm disposition and safe smile make you feel comfortable from the very first appt.

Jennifer A.


Dr. David Wright is Clear and informative.

Tony D.


Thank you Dr. Wright! We appreciate all your support and enthusiasm for the gallery. 🙂

Bill L.


Dr. Wright is Everything… He's awesome!

Jamar D.

Atlanta, GA

Dr. David Wright is very knowledgeable and takes the time to customize sessions to fit your individual needs. Dr. Wright is a great listener, freely shares his wisdom and makes you feel right at home. After each session, I feel energized and rejuvenated.

Jeremy J.

Buckhead, Georgia, 4/5/2019

Dr. Wright is very personable and attentive to your needs as his client. Dr. David Wright cares about making sure you become the best you.

Bricesin B.

Buckhead, 01/19/17

5-STAR Rating

Jennifer R.


Very helpful website and information! The holistic mental health resources page is a great place for reference. Dr. Wright is helpful and welcoming!

Kristen Z.


Dr. Wright is the Best doctor in town! He is a hardworking and brilliant person.

Michelle S.


This was a very positive experience. Dr. David Wright is a great listener, teacher, and critical thinker.

Preston P.

Atlanta , 01/28/17

Dr. Wright's methodology simply flows effortlessly the work gets done and I'm very happy with the work we are doing.

Bradley C.

MLC of Greater Atlanta offers a variety of services to help individuals dealing with everything from procrastination to clinical depression. Dr. Wright is caring and he and his team are there when you need them.

Grant P.


Dr. David Wright is a Skilled, sensitive and responsive therapist.

Garnet K.


Dr. David Wright is at the Top of his game.

Renard M.


They explore many unique paths for health and healing.

Kathy T.


I strongly believe MLC of Greater Atlanta give you the tools to move forward in life such to gain with confidence.

Paul D.


Professional staff. Quality service.

Elizabeth D.


The alternative therapies that Dr. Wright provides are different and far more effective than any therapy I've tried. One reason for this is that the therapist, Dr. Wright, studied medicine and specifically psychiatry (having graduated Xavier Medical School with a 4.0) - as well as psychology and state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques. In my first session, I experienced meaningful improvement and learned a life-changing practice that I use every day. Continued sessions further your goals. You will address both the acute behaviors and/or issues with which you struggle and why they exist. I cannot more highly recommend MLC.

Alexa R.

Decatur, GA, 3/9/2019

Dr. Wright is so professional, but puts you at ease immediately. Dr. David Wright puts his clients needs first and never makes you feel like a number. He is very knowledgeable an on trend with all latest trials, and new technique. Excellent Doctor. JMG

Jodi J.

Rosswell, GA, 03/03/17

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