The Universal Secrets

The Universal Secrets

Dr. David A. Wright

A Description for The Universal Secrets will be coming soon!

Dr. Wright’s current and upcoming books include

(1) Sweet Potato Pie for the Spirit, Soul & Psyche (a Self- Improvement & Self-Empowerment Book)

(2) Tomato Bisque for the Brain (a Self-Improvement & Self-Empowerment Book)

(3) The Nutrient Diet (a Diet, Nutrition, Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Management Book based on Cognitive Behavioral Approaches and the Psychology of Habit Formation)

(4) The Universal Secrets (a Self-Improvement & Self-Empowerment Book)

(5) Alternative, Holistic & Psychoanalytic Mental Health Approaches (a Book for those seeking therapies and life solutions without the use of psychotropic medications).

The Universal Secrets will be available in the Summer of 2021.

For more information on our upcoming books, simply email us at [email protected]

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